Just when I think I have made a decision that will carry me into the new year ahead, some little voice speaks up from the tumult and whispers “take the other road”. Do I heed this voice or ignore it?

Uncertainty can be very exciting, asking us to re-examine our suppositions and assumptions. Where does it come from, this call to re-examination, and can this voice be wrong?

As I laid on the massage table, half drifting into sleep, I began to think about my plan for the summer. I suddenly realized that I was running through my year, leaving me little room to breathe, rest, and settle. Being the King of movement, I thought how nice it could be to just give myself some time. The idea must have really appealed to me because I immediately told my friends about how excited I was to give myself permission to slow down.

In his book The Alchemist, Paul Coelho examines the voices of omens and opportunities that present themselves and encourages us to listen to them. Even if the resulting decisions have undesirable outcomes, can we really say that they were mistakes? If we open ourselves to learning from each step and find the beauty in the journey, the arrival and the pushing on again, then uncertainty, and the resulting paths we choose for ourselves are the catalyst for each new chapter in the novels of our lives.


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