George Washington Bridge
New York City, 1933
Gelatin Silver
by Margaret Bourke-White


In a time of transition and change, what image could be more poignant than that of a bridge? Crossing over an otherwise insurmountable expanse, the bridge aids the fool`s crossing.


At a time of great transition for me, I find I`m often pondering the bridges in my life. These relationships, opportunities and ideas that are visible to me as I step into the unknown become my ground to stand on. Yes, I have wings, but the bridges are my connections, offering paths to follow.


Surrounded with goodbyes, I am comforted by the array of possibilties ready to embrace me – love, reunion, industry and travel are the bridges I must cross. Though I`m not certain of what lies on the other side, I do know that there are two entrances, one inviting me into another world and the other inviting another world into me.


I am ready to face the winds that threaten to push me from my course. What sacrifice must I give to the Gods of the Crossing?

4 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Beautiful and poignant, I see a glimpse of the Tarot in your imagery.Good luck on your journey and may the Wheel of Fortune turn in your favour. 🙂

  2. Rue – thanks for your comments, and yes, the post was greatly inspired by recenr tarot readings! Thank you for reading and posting!

  3. Kim – glorious and frightening, but let’s face it, nothing like fear to help you realize you’re alive. Thanks for reading and posting!

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