Home, oh home, my home is gone,
The new appraoches and the old comes down.
What once surprised, now packed away,
What once was comfort
now waits for day.

Oh home, so temporary, fleeting,
the place of refuge , the place of calm,
Paintings hidden, truth so bare,
A new dawn waits
the weather's fair.

Oh home, oh home, it's where you are,
So often rebuilt, so often reborn,
The past is shed, the precious kept,
Oh how you've changed
At change, I've grown adept.

Oh home, it waits, it waits for me,
The pins so sharp, the hammer ready,
4 walls await, a ground doth stand
Is this home?
Or a foreign land?

Oh home, just wait, what joy waits there,
The circle spins, the window cracked,
Blank walls, blank space, an empty space,
Rest now, rest well,
Oh rest, in grace.

Dedicated to 1-11-31-508 Karakuni Cho, Izumi-shi, Japan 594-1151
3/04 – 3/06


6 thoughts on “Change

  1. Good luck moving – it can be hard once you get down to those last few moments. So much to look forward to, though :)Oh, and re: books to read. You have to try Jincy Willett’s Winner of the National Book Award if you haven’t already. Do NOT let the title put you off – it is anyhthing but pretentious. It’s such an awesome funny book, and I can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Oh Marlen, I empathize(sp?)having moved around a lot in my life. I always feel a certain sadness when I look back upon a living space for the last time. Even though I am going on to bigger and better things, it tugs at my heart in the the same way that it does when I’m leaving a person I have grown attached to. A living space witnesses our lives and in many ways ‘knows’ us better than we know ourselves.Buona Fortuna!

  3. Rue – it’s odd leaving a place where we lived – it marks the end of a period in our lives more profoundly than anything else in my opinion (ok, well, maybe a job or relationship is comparable).

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