Creating Blog Entries, Pages, and Managing Comments

Learning how to use your blog…

Creating Blog Entries

  • You’ll notice that there is already a default entry on your blog. Let’s edit this: Click MANAGE in the dashboard. Click the edit button for the corresponding entry. Use the editor just as you would if you were creating an email or Word document.

  • Note that to the right of the editor is a Category section. You may create new categories if you wish – just type the name of the category you wish to create or file your entry under. Once you’ve created these categories, you can check the corresponding boxes each time you create a new post.

  • Again, always remember to click “save” to preserve your changes!

  • Let’s create a new entry: Click WRITE in the dashboard menu. Create your entry and feel free to add video, audio, images, etc! Choose a category or create a new one for your entry (if you wish).

  • Save vs Publish: Choosing SAVE will not publish your entries or pages, but will save them in your dashboard. Use PUBLISH to post something directly to your blog.


Managing Comments

  • Under OPTIONS, and then DISCUSSION, you’ll find a range of choices regarding how comments to your entries are managed. Take a minute and choose what is most suitable for you.

  • You can edit or delete comments by going to MANAGE and COMMENTS.

  • You can comment on others’ sites by clicking on “comments” below the respective entry that you wish to comment on. You cannot edit your comments on someone else’s blog.


Creating Pages

  • One of the advantages to using WordPress is that in addition to a blog-style page, we can also create additional pages!

  • Let’s create a new page: In your dashboard click WRITE and then WRITE PAGE. Title this "About Me" and write a little profile for yourself.


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