Add Your Photos!

Add a picture of yourself to your blog comments and profile,
and add photos to your posts!


Adding your photo to your blog posts and comments on WordPress is easy.

  • Login to your blog and click on “Dashboard”.
  • Then click on “Update Your Profile or Password”.
  • You’ll see an option to upload or change your photo under “My Picture”.

Let’s add images to our posts!

  • Use the file manager below your Post Editor and click “browse” to find the file you’d like to upload to your post (if your file is saved to your hard drive or flash drive). You use this manager the same way you would with adding attachments to emails. After you select your file, click “upload”.

  • After uploading, you’ll see a small thumbnail image appear. You then have two options: 1) You can change the size (next to “Show”), and 2) you can create a link. A “thumbnail” image is a smaller version of your image.

  • For now, change the link option to “None”.

  • When you’re ready to put your image into your post, click “Send to editor”. Your images will look best either at the very top or very bottom of the post.

Always list your sources!

  • You may use images from anywhere on the internet. Just right click on the image that you find and choose “save image/picture as” and then follow the steps above.

  • After you’ve uploaded the image to your post, highlight and copy the url of the page where you found the image. In your post editor you’ll see a small icon that looks like a chain. First click on the image in your post, next click on this chain (not the one that looks broken), and finally paste the url into the appropriate box and create a title for your image. For example, “Image from, click me to see original source.“

  • Remember that anytime you use an image, phrase, etc that you found on the internet, you must tell us where you found it. If you don’t link back to the original page and tell readers your sources, you will be considered stealing.

  • You can use the chain icon not just with images, but with actual typed sentences and words as well!

Good luck and leave a comment here in this post if you have any questions!


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