Narrative: Picture Perfect Love

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I look at her and smile and just as I do she leans over and kisses me on my forehead. Picture perfect love, that’s the only way to describe it.

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, I’m in a car listening to the radio as my girlfriend, Rachael speeds down the highway. We’re driving so fast that you can hardly hear the music so we turn it up even louder. When we arrive at a stop light, the music is so deafening we can hardly hear each other but it’s a song we like so we kiss and keep singing. The song changes to one we both hate so we turn off the radio and Rachael starts to sing.

“Baby, I love when you sing,” I say.

“I know babe,” she replies.

We stop at her niece, Jamie’s house to pick her up and she gets in the car with a pink top and jean capri’s on. I pull out a camera and snap a picture; she makes a weird face and then yells because she wasn’t ready. Rachael pulls off and we continue on our way. In about five minutes we’re rounding a bend and a park comes into view. There are rows of cars and under a pavilion are tons of Vietnam veterans. We find a parking spot and quickly hop out of the car because we spot food. We’re vultures for food. We make our way over to Rachael’s dad.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while,” I say.

“I know, how are you doing girl?” he replies.

“I’m doing real well.”

“Well, there’s food over there and the playgrounds right there, so go have some fun.”

Rachael and I survey the food but then she gets a phone call so she wanders off and I go to sit with Jamie.

“I want to swing, and I know you want to come with me…” I tell her.

“Yeah, I kind of do, but only if you get your camera so we can take pictures,” she replies.

We make our way back to the car to get our camera and find Rachael still on the phone. We get the camera and discover a stream so we head down there to take some pictures and get a little wet. We discover it’s actually really pretty and take our shoes off and try to walk across a deep part.

            “If I start drowning you better get in here and save me. I definitely don’t know how to swim,” I tell her.

            “You better be lying because I’m a bad swimmer too!”

            We laugh about how two bad swimmers are putting themselves in danger and then we see Rachael.

            “Baby! You might have to save us so stay right there…Oh! Take pictures too, it’s right next to your feet,” I tell her.

            She picks up the camera and has us pose for her. Then we take a couple of close up pictures of us. Jamie pretends she’s a model and poses too close to the end, almost falling in. We take dozens of pictures and then hand the camera back to Rachael. She takes dozens of pictures of herself talking on the phone, she’s so conceited.

            “Oh, by the way, we have to go pick up Corinne, and then we’ll come back, ok?” she tells us.

            We tell her its ok and decide that Jamie will stay while Rachael and I go, so we get back into the car. As we’re driving down the road I pull out my camera and decide to take some random pictures. We put on some more music and dance and take pictures and alaina small.jpgsing. Picture perfect moments are what we call them.

“Baby,” I yell above the music, “I love you!”

“I love you too honey,” she responds.

            We get to a stop light and kiss and then take more pictures. We get closer and closer to Corinne’s house and the closer we get the more I realize how happy I am. I think about the past and how our relationship grew out of nowhere and compare it to where we are now. I look at her and smile and just as I do she leans over and kisses me on my forehead. Picture perfect love, that’s the only way to describe it.

BY: ALAINA JOYCE LANE, English 101-48


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  1. raszmann says:

    The whole time I was reading this felt relaxed. You can just tell the amount of joy you were feeling when you were writing this.I really enjoyed it. Hope to see more of you writing on Marlen’s page!

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