Persuasive/Informative: The Scent of Jasmine

"Personally, Jasmine holds a special place in my scented world."



Senses undoubtedly deliver meaning to life. Thelove a couple feels, the laughter of innocent children, the awardingsound of applause a composer hears, the joyful tears a mother cries;none of this would be possible without the senses. In particular, thepowerful ability to smell can produce feelings of satisfaction andpleasure, revive ancient memories, and serve as a survival tool. Onesmell can hold a thousand different meanings among differentspectators. In my experience, the extract from the Jasmine flower holdsgreat importance. Not only does it satisfy, but it’s effects make it avaluable and popular scent.

Jasmine appears as a simple pedaled flower dressed in white,occasionally yellow. Thus it carries the natural and flowery odor.Jasmine is best known for the delicate and captivatingly sweetfragrance of its flowers (“Jasmine”). Exactly what is so captivating,researchers are not quite certain. Nevertheless, the captivatingeffects have power over any lucky victim. In one study, researchersfound that participants exposed to Jasmine slept overwhelmingly betterthan those who were not (Calechman 5). Even today, scientists arediscovering theories as to what other effects Jasmine might produce.

Personally, Jasmine holds a special place in my scented world. Itoo notice its soothing and calming effects but the sweet fragrancesupplies much more than a relaxing effect. As an adolescent growing andlearning, life proved to be anything but easy. Yet no matter whatchallenging events I encountered, I came home feeling a little morerelaxed, a little happier. My mother, who obsesses over candles, alwaysburned at least one Jasmine candle. Coming home to that scent moreoften than not improved my mood. As time passed and the smell becamefamiliar I started to develop a familiar relationship. The sweetdancing smell was welcoming even loving as if the scent itself openedits delicate arms for a prolonged embrace. I am too find myself unableto pin point as the mechanism behind this effect. Now, while I am awayfrom home on my own, I simply refuse to live without the refreshingsmell. Like a crazed heroin addict, I crave a fill knowing whatpleasurable feelings it will bring. Upon setting foot in my room, thesmell does not attack but rather lingers innocently and perhaps in asly manner easing its temptjena.jpging powers into the bystanders. Sometimes,if I close my eyes, I envision the smell taking me back home. Inaddition to its regularly known effects, it provides a sweet memory ofhome, family life, and love.

Soothing, relaxing, and full of memories, Jasmine administers morethan one purpose. While science proves the aromatherapy influence, Ican confirm its welcoming and loving impact. Jasmine therefore harborssuch value in my life because it offers an outlet of happiness and loveas well as relaxation and soothingness.

By Jena Antonelli


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