Marlen will speak at Sociology Conference

Marlen’s proposal has been accepted for the 2009 American Sociological Association’s Annual Conference. 

Learner, Teacher, Foreigner, Queer: A Narrative Examination of Identity Conflict

Mon, Aug 10, 2009 10:30am – 12:10pm
Roundtable: Sexualities

There currently exists a marginalization ofnon-heteronormative sexual identities in the TESOL community asevidenced by their exclusion in instructional materials and classroompractices. How teachers and materials creators position this subject a)reflects their generalized widespread beliefs about it, overt orcovert, and b) transmits these beliefs to students. The benefits ofincluding queer issues in the classroom are numerous, but what isnecessitated by an instructor in order to do so? In order to explorethe realities of addressing and revealing sexuality, I focus on my ownstruggle with queer identities in (and outside) the Japanese TESOLclassroom by considering and analyzing a previously written narrative.I conclude that both perceptions of social context and the conflictthat may result from competition of identities can serve to silencespecific identity performances.




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