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  1. Amanda Chichy says:

    Hello, Marlen!    I hope all is well in your world. Summer flew by quickly here, and I just started my student teaching this Wednesday. I was wondering if you could help me with something.  My fist unit is on Oedipus, and I want to focus on the theme of blindness vs. sight. I thought a great way of doing this would be having the kids think about how they identify themselves, then have them take the archetype test to see how they identify through Jung’s archetypes. This will allow them to compare their views of themselves and how others may see them. Do you happen to remember the link to the archetype test we had taken in humanities lit ? If you do, could you email it to me? I would really appreciate it.     Thanks so much! I want you to know that you are one of the professors that has informed my teaching the most. I loved the things we explored in our classes together and how we did it. I often try to employ similar activities and discussion as well.I learned so much from you. 🙂 Have a great day, Marlen!        – AmandaP.S. I tried emailing you but it wasn’t working for some reason. 

  2. Takumi Kikuchi says:

    Hi, Mr. Harrison. I’m Takumi, Saitama University student. Do you remember? Thank you for your lecture today! I had very fun and exciting time with you, and the cady you took was so good!
    Well if you have time, please reply to my question. What should I do personally for going to study abroad? And what is the most important thing about learning English? Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to meet you again in somewhere.

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