Marlen will speak at American University

Marlen will chair a session at the 17th Annual Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference

Identity & Voice: Locating the Lavender in Composition & Rhetorical Studies

Lavender Languages & LinguisticsConference (February 12–14, 2010)

This session seeks presentations that examine any aspect of thewriting, re-writing, teaching writing, storytelling, and evenperformance processes through a lens that considers the significanceof queer identities and voices. For example, in her essay "Who AmI?: Finding Identity & Voice in Composition", author Beverly Farynaexplores her struggle as a student writer in search of her authenticvoice: Considering the session topic, what is an authenticexpression of queer voice? In what ways do queer voices emerge from, are substantiatedby, or are perhaps absent from composition andrhetoric as disciplines or from the writing itself? How is queer sexuality read?What has been the significance of composition when considering the evolutionof queer identity and vice versa? In short, this session asks "What’s queerabout composition and rhetoric?"



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