Manuscript about Marlen’s Composition Teaching Greenlit for Book

A manuscript deconstructing Marlen’s composition pedagogy and syllabus has been greenlit for publication in a forthcoming anthology on teacher education edited by IUP’s Dr. Gloria Park:

 This paper analyzes the practices and applicability of a humanized pedagogy in the composition classroom that relies heavily on personal essay assignments. Rooted in expressivist theories of composition, the personal essay is used as a tool of self-exploration as well as individuation. Expressivist theories of the personal essay imply that it will have a humanizing force in the classroom as students are encouraged to develop their own writing voices. Our classroom observations showed us that there was a strong connection between not only the theory and practice of using personal essays, but also of the outcomes such practice will have on student writing, creating a more humanized classroom environment. These observations served as a useful bridge, uniting theories behind composition instruction with first-hand experience of their use.”




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