Writing Instructor Inspired by Syllabus

Dear Dr. Harrison,

I happened upon your English 101 syllabus, blog, dissertation website, etc. via a Google search.  After spending a few hours devouring the virtual feast you have offered, I am truly inspired to teach college writing through a process of self exploration and definition.

I am preparing to teach my first English 101 course at a College in Pasco, Washington. I would like your permission to model my course after your syllabus andschedule.  I don’t intend to copy it verbatim, but I would like to mimic it very closely.  I will most certainly acknowledge your influence and credit you when quoting.  I believe one learns greatness by imitating the greats.

A little about me:  Currently, I am a technical editor for a contractor of the U.S. Department of Energy. My work contributes to the largest environmental clean up project in the world: Hanford Nuclear Reservation Superfund Site.  I am also an adjunct instructor in creative writing at a state university.  I received an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Eastern Washington Universityin 2005.  I taught poetry writing in a men’s medium-security prison for two years, which was the most rewarding work I have done in my life. My passions are reading, writing and teaching writing.

Thank you for making yourself and your work available to the world on the Internet.  I look forward to your response.

Many thanks,


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College Writing Syllabus (click me)




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  1. Dann1burk says:

    This is truly awesome, you are definitely on to something when it comes to your approach in the classroom. Your an amazing teacher Dr. Harrison. I’m so fortunate to have been and to continue to be a student of yours.

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