Dr. Harrison to guest teach at Aarhus University, Denmark

Invited by Dr. Tatiana Ryba and PhD candidate Noora Ronkainen, Marlen will spend a week in Aarhus, Denmark teaching in the Department of Public Health – Sport Science at Aarhus University, Denmark’s second oldest and second largest university. Invited due to his experiences teaching research writing and qualitative research methods (e.g. autoethnography) in the International Master’s program in Sports and Exercise Psychology at University of Jyväskylä, he will participate in a course for undergraduate students on Sport & Body Culture and deliver a presentation for PhD students discussing identity, narrative and discourse. Details, slides and handouts below…

Identity, Narrative and Discourse: Writing & Researching the Sporting Body

In considering the human body in action, language becomes the tool with which we communicate our ideas, experiences and sensations and story becomes the mode of communication. Like psychological identities, so too is the human body and physical activity situated within specific discourses of knowledge, power and culture. In this discussion, I’ll address how I – a former therapist, a sociolinguist and a writing professor – found a comfortable home in the discipline of sports psychology by reviewing some of the qualitative research I’ve guided in the fields of sport and exercise sciences while at the University of Jyvaskyla. I also share such experiences in order to highlight how the body and the athlete identity may be examined via critical, narrative approaches. More specifically, we’ll consider constructivist paradigms that suggest such identities are influenced by linguistic, written, academic and cultural discourses and also explore research methods and ethical frameworks (i.e. feminist, queer, communitarian, etc) that honor the interplay of identity, narrative and discourse.

Identity, Narrative & Discourse Slides

Sport & Body Culture Debate Activity, Aarhus


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