Dr. Harrison to Chair Session at Lavender Languages

Dr. Harrison will chair a session at Lavender Languages and Linguistics, the 20th anniversary conference, to be held at American University in Washington, DC. This will be the 4th year in a row that Marlen is developing a session on Identity and Voice: Locating the Lavender in Composition and Rhetoric Studies. Session description and call for proposals below…

Identity and Voice: Locating the Lavender in Composition and Rhetoric Studies

Chair: Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison, University of Tampa
Contact: meharrison at ut dot edu for more info or to submit a proposal for this specific session.
Proposal Deadline: 11/5/12

This session celebrates its fourth year at LL and will include presentations that examine aspects of the writing, re-writing, teaching writing, storytelling, reporting and even performance processes through a lens that considers the significance of queer identities and voices. Considering the session topic, are there authentic expressions of queer voice? In what ways do queer voices emerge from, are substantiated by, or are perhaps absent from composition and rhetoric as disciplines or from the writing itself? How is queer sexuality read? What has been the significance of composition when considering the evolution of queer identity and vice versa? In short, this session asks “What’s queer about composition and rhetoric?” Past presentations have included a rhetorical analysis of Finnish university students’ attitudes toward gay and lesbian parenting rights; using autoethnographic writing in participatory action research examining the crossroads of language and sexuality in Japan; and examples of “queering” the American composition classroom. Student presentations are warmly welcomed!



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