Dr. Harrison on responding to and assessing college writing

typekeysOn Friday, February 22nd, Dr. Harrison will join Dr. Audrey Colombe for a presentation and discussion as part of the University of Tampa Teaching Guild. The topic for discussion will be how do students learn from the way that we assess and respond to writing at the University? Click me to see flier.

Please join us for a UT-wide discussion on assessing student writing. What happens in your programs and classes?  How can we make the assessment of writing more effective and painless for all concerned?

It is an undeniable fact of learning that the written word can be essential to gauging student progress. However, the multitude of ways we can use writing in our various learning environments can sometimes lead to bewilderment (and at times a bit of discomfort) in terms of how to assess or respond to such work.

Join us in a lively and engaging discussion, as well as a chance to blow off some steam, about how we respond to and assess student writing across the curriculum at The University of Tampa. Writing professors Dr. Marlen Harrison and Dr. Audrey Colombe will lead the discussion while also reviewing how their own approaches to working with student writing have evolved in the university classroom. Questions that we hope to address include, “Should I write feedback for students or should I meet with students in person to discuss my responses?”; “Do I respond to ideas or do I respond to execution?”; and “What do students think about the way that we assess and respond to writing at the university?”

To add a little extra spice to our conversation, we will include some University of Tampa students to offer their perspective on how writing is assessed and responded to in the university classroom.

Questions?  Email bfriesen@ut.edu.


One thought on “Dr. Harrison on responding to and assessing college writing

  1. Dear Marlen,

    I am a student at the University of Jyvaskyla and I recently attended a lecture you gave via Skype regarding Language and Sexuality in Japan.

    At the end of the lecture, I asked you a question regarding Uganda, and I just watched a short video that I wanted to share with you on the subject:

    It deals with the potential sources of the intolerance regarding sexual minorities in Uganda.

    Hoping it will be of some interest.

    Best regards,


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