10 Best New Colognes for Men

10 Best New Colognes for Men

“It goes without saying that a man’s smell is a deeply personal thing. It’s also, by default, a natural form of self-expression. So to get a feel for the best scents being offered this year, we consulted with Marlen Harrison, creator and editor of and contributor to BasenotesNowSmellThis,and Fragrantica. “This season it’s all about the wood,” says Harrison, referring to many current fragrances that are dominated by woody scents, typically sandalwood, cedar, and oud. Some even contain a dash of citrus or aromatic notes for character. Think of fragrances as similar to wines, whiskeys, or cigars; they all have various layers of notes and their characters are apt to change over time. With input from Harrison, we compiled a list of 2013’s 10 best new colognes.”