Esxence 2016 – Roundtable – Judging & Criticism in Artistic Perfumery

On Thursday, March 31st at Esxence 2016, I joined Dr. Bodo Kubartz of Passion & Consulting, Art & Olfaction’s Saskia Wilson-Brown, and event organizer Dr. Claus Noppeney of the Scent Culture Institute for a panel discussion titled “Judging & Criticism of Artistic Perfumery.” The panel defined artistic perfumery as a type of creative design where the perfumer is not necessarily limited by someone else’s concept, … Continue reading Esxence 2016 – Roundtable – Judging & Criticism in Artistic Perfumery

Columnist & Editor

Marlen has been working in the fragrance industry since 1990. Having started in sales and line representation, he later began a career in fragrance journalism as a writer for such notable sites as NowSmellThis and Basenotes. Marlen’s contributions have been included in The Washington Blade,,,,, and international publications such as Finland’s Anna magazine and Canada’s Glow magazine. His self-created, online magazine, … Continue reading Columnist & Editor 10 Best New Colognes for Men

10 Best New Colognes for Men “It goes without saying that a man’s smell is a deeply personal thing. It’s also, by default, a natural form of self-expression. So to get a feel for the best scents being offered this year, we consulted with Marlen Harrison, creator and editor of and contributor to Basenotes, NowSmellThis,and Fragrantica. “This season it’s all about the wood,” says Harrison, referring to many current … Continue reading 10 Best New Colognes for Men 11 GREAT-SMELLING AND LONG-LASTING COLOGNE ALTERNATIVES

“Some deodorants offer the perfect amount of subtle, lasting fragrance without coating your neck or chest with chemicals that will burn your lover’s lips, says Marlen Harrison, a scent critic and founder of King’s Palace Perfumery. He recommends this option from New York-based apothecary Malin + Goetz, but says you can find many colognes—from Dior to Acqua di Parma—in deodorant form.” Continue reading 11 GREAT-SMELLING AND LONG-LASTING COLOGNE ALTERNATIVES

Fragrance Judge at TasteTV

ARTISAN PERFUME AWARDS Judge 2014-2015 An annual Juried Awards competition rewards the Top Artisan, Niche, and Custom Fragrances of the Year. Products from across the country were entered into this competition and sent to a panel of judges located throughout North America, who reviewed and voted on which they consider to be the “Top Artisan Fragrances of the Year.” In addition, the three “Top Artisan … Continue reading Fragrance Judge at TasteTV