Conference Poster Invite

Like last summer, I have been offered a poster session at the summer school conference on applied language studies during the first week of June, 2012. This is an international and highly regarded language/applied linguistics conference and I invite you to send me your abstracts for a poster version of your research from our course. The conference is attended by an international group of scholars and students representing countries from around the world and is in its 30th year!


ABSTRACT: “Writing & Communicating Across the Multilingual College Curriculum: Examples of JYU Student Scholarship”

JYU Language Centre Students and Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

Abstract: This poster forum showcases the innovative work of student-researchers in order to illustrate the benefits of both content-integrated and project-based English-language syllabi as part of a writing/communicating across the curriculum (WAC/CAC) approach to language learning. Bachelor’s- and Master’s-level researchers will share posters that represent the culmination of their scholarship in 5-10 week courses as delivered by University of Jyväskylä’s Language Centre and as taught by Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison. Poster themes span an array of disciplines including mobile technologies, education, psychology, ethnology, gender studies and business. This forum is ideal for educators wishing to adopt similar pedagogical approaches in their own teaching and offers a rare opportunity to discuss such approaches with the students themselves.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: This would be an opportunity to present your proposal/research with a focus on your abilities as a multilingual learner/researcher. The poster session lasts about one hour. You could submit a written article based on your conference poster (either individually or with other students) to the conference journal – a peer reviewed, critical source – but, again, the focus is on applied linguistics…so an appropriate article would frame your experience as a multilingual learner as opposed to the actual
subject area of your research/proposal. Some of you actually do focus on language and communication as part of your work, and so it easily fits into the conference. However, those of you who have a more technical or unrelated topic are ALSO welcome to submit an abstract; again, this poster session showcases your hard work and creative ideas as a multilingual learner…

TO review:
1) First you apply for the poster session
2) If you want to submit an article based on your poster to the conference proceedings, you may do so directly to those editors after the conference (I am not one of the editors)

In order to help boost your confidence, I will hold a workshop later this spring (2012) for all students who have been chosen. At that time I will show presenters how to create a conference poster presentation. This will include a) how to design an effective and visually appealing poster and handout, and b) how to talk to your audience when giving a poster presentation. Poster stands are of the size 97 cm (width) x 130 cm (height), so posters should not exceed this.  The organizers will provide adhesive tape for attaching the posters. We are expecting an audience during the poster session of approximately 100 people.

I will choose 10-15 students to be a part of this exciting opportunity, an experience that will look fantastic on your professional resumes and a wonderful chance to build your professional English skills. Because the session is dedicated to student research, you may submit your abstract from the research/presentations you created for our course. You may also submit an abstract for the collaborative presentation you delivered with other students and present your poster as a group.

If interested, and because this is a refereed poster session where only outstanding abstracts will be selected, please email me by March 1st, 2012:

Your poster title
Your name
Your contact info
Your abstract of not more than 300 words
Statement of commitment to attend if selected (are you sure you can and will make it?)

Looking forward to receiving your abstracts!



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